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Pitch: I’m deciding to write my first blog post on music videos and whether or not they are still relevant in the music industry. In a streaming generation, are videos more popular because of the rise of Youtube and people watching the video with the song? or do people simply go on Spotify or Apple Music and never watch the actual music video? I want to also write about certain music in recent years that have made an impact and have went viral. Viral videos have become a big thing in the age of social media and streaming and music often plays a role and sometimes music videos can become viral or inspire a viral trend such as the Mannequin Challenge which was based on a video using the song “Black Beatles” from Rae Sremmurd. This helped the song to go viral and eventually become the number one song on the Billboard top 100.  There is a growing idea of fans and content creators making their own short videos that go viral that help the song get exposure in a more natural way than a music video would, but there is an art to music videos that brings another dimension to a song.


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